Lanbena Acne Care Gel
Lanbena Acne Care Gel
Lanbena Acne Care Gel
Lanbena Acne Care Gel

Lanbena Acne Care Gel

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LANBENA Skin Care Gel

Saying no to repeated acne. The product can reach skin bottom due to its excellent osmotic force, eradicating all kinds of acne and pimples (White/blackhead, Inflamed acne, Hardened acnes, Encysted acne). It is specially researched and developed for users with acne problems. Multiple plant extracts are added to relieve and prevent such conditions. 

Specifications: 0.7 OZ/20g

Effects: The gel is light and can be quickly absorbed. It treats acne and helps to undo skin damage. It will effectively prevent pimples and make marks fade.


Composed of natural ingredients, the product's pH value is similar to that of skin, which is free from irritations! Water, Glycerol, Hyaluronic acid, Triethanolamine, Tea tree oil, Squalane-Carbomer, Allantoin, Ethanol, Imidurea, Ginseng extract, Witch hazel extract, Radix Scutellariae extract

Scope of Use: Applicable to skin with acne or pimples.

Shelf Life: 3 years


1. For sensitive skin, it is recommended to conduct an allergy test on the back of the ear before using the product. Use it if no adverse effects occur.

2. If such abnormalities as rash, swelling, pruritus or allergic reaction occur during or after applying the product, stop using it immediately and seek medical advice.

3. This product is prohibited from use by pregnant or lactating women, and people who have wounds or swelling.

Method of storage When storing the product, keep it out of direct sunlight in a cool location where it is protected from water, keep out of reach of children.


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